MiniPuls Evolution

MiniPuls Evolution

Gilson’s MINIPULS Evolution is the brand-new peristaltic pump specifically designed to meet today's customers' laboratory liquid handling needs with its modern design combining great performance, ease-of-use, flexibility and safety ...

The MINIPULS Evolution combines microprocessor speed control with a high-torque stepper motor

Robustness & Reliability
MINIPULS Evolution ensures reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging laboratory environments.
Safe and durable design, pump head with stainless steel rollers, spring loaded cartridges and stepper motor.

Safe & Flexible. Quick to Set Up
MINIPULS Evolution is easy to install, simple to operate and easy to maintain.
Tubing leaks can be detected easily.

High Performance & Versatile
Excellent flow rate accuracy and reproducibility with low-pulse flow.
Accommodates a wide range of flow rates and back pressures, depending on your application.
Perfect adjustment for low flow rates.

Snappy Tubing Changes
Extremely fast tubing change with pump head cartridges that can snap in & out.
No more need to remove the pump head from the speed control module.

Flexible Configuration
Pump heads can be changed within seconds even while pump is operating - no tools required.
Optimum capacity with the addition of up to 16 channels on the same module.

Economical Solution
Simple and fine pressure adjustment prolongs tubing life!

MiniPuls Evolution

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