MiniPuls 3

MiniPuls 3


Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump!

Gilson’s MINIPULS 3 is a peristaltic pump specifically designed to meet process laboratory liquid handling needs. It combines microprocessor speed control with a high-torque stepper motor.

Your benefits
High Performance & Versatile
 Excellent flow rate accuracy and reproducibility with pulse-free flow.
 Accommodates a wide range of flow rates and back pressures, depending on your application.
Reliable & Robust
 High chemical resistance and motor speed stability.
Quiet & Easy to Use
 Always ready to use with a two-minute installation and quick change of pump head.
 Simple operation and easy maintenance.
 Reliable liquid transfer even in the most challenging environments with its solid construction from robust, chemically resistant materials.
Snappy Tubing Changes
 The cam snaps into place! Tubing in any channel can be changed easily and independently.
Flexible Pump Head Selections
 A wide range of flow rates and back pressures with a choice of interchangeable pump heads.
Economical Solution
 Fine-tuning of the pressure on the tubing helps prolong tubing life.

MiniPuls 3

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