MACROMAN™ - The Efficient Solution for Pipetting up to 100 mL at once!

MACROMAN is a robust and reliable pipette controller for glass and plastic pipettes from 1 to 100 mL. It is designed to be easily operated and integrated into any modern laboratory requiring a high level of safety, ergonomics, and productivity.

Your Benefits

Optimal Comfort & Ease of Use
 Easy-to-handle with the integrated and adjustable stand.
 Fatigue-free due to its light weight and soft-touch material.

High Performance
 Precise and smooth speed control with motorized dosing button.

Large Pipette Compatibility
 Fully compatible with glass and plastic Pasteur pipettes.

Economical Solution
 Save money by using standard DIAMOND® D5000 and D10 mL tips for transferring smaller volumes.


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