DISTRIMAN® - The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

DISTRIMAN is the only continuously adjustable mechanical repetitive pipette with direct read-out available on the market. Used with Gilson DISTRITIPS® syringes, it is designed to simplify multiple dispensing.
DISTRIMAN can dispense aliquots ranging in volume from 1 µL to 1.25 mL with the combination of its three dedicated models of DISTRITIPS. Each syringe can dispense up to 125 aliquots (of the minimal volume).

Your benefits

Accuracy & Precision
 Zero risk of accidental conversion errors with the direct read out.
 Exact distribution of the volume required by your application.

Time Saving
 Save time with continuous adjustable volume and the numerous distribution of aliquots: Up to 125.
 Faster multiple dispensing.


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