PIPETMAN Concept - Single & Multichannel

PIPETMAN Concept - Single & Multichannel

PIPETMAN Concept® - Single & Multichannel

All of PIPETMAN in an Electronic Pipette!

PIPETMAN Concept is an electronic motorized pipette.
It also has an exclusive utility software which enables you:
 To create and store customized operating protocols on your PC, to transfer protocols directly into your pipette, and to manage your maintenance program.

Your Benefits
Comfortable Operation
 Intuitive mode and rapid volume selection with a single navigation button.
 Continuous operation with rapid battery charge (80% in 1 hour) and optional spare battery.
PIPETMAN's Accuracy and Precision
 Performance exceeding ISO recommendations by more than 50%.
 4 calibration points: 10%, 50% and 100% of the nominal volume and an extra point depending on user's requirement.
Integrated Maintenance Assistance
 Maintenance data tracking with internal memory.
 Easy user recalibration.
Customozed Protocols
 Create and record tailor-made pipetting protocols.

PIPETMAN Concept - Single & Multichannel

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