Pipetman G

Pipetman G

Premium Pipetting Comfort!

PIPETMAN G is a new mechanical, air-displacement pipette from Gilson.

PIPETMAN G offers you one of the lowest pipetting forces+ on the market thanks to a new easy glide piston displacement that gives ideal pipetting and purge sensations.
Enjoy a new addition to PIPETMAN line with its legendary accuracy, precision, and robustness…with the highest comfort!
Your Benefits
Take a step forward in comfort
 Redesigned piston assembly: new seal, lighter springs and high quality of grease to enjoy the lowest pipetting force available on the market!
 Fulfils all expectations in terms of pipetting comfort even for intensive routine.
Keep your usual gesture
 Same pipetting gesture as PIPETMAN Neo or Classic.
 Ratio between pipetting and purge forces is maintained.
Choose its look: Classic or modern design
 Stainless steel or plastic ejectors are available. They are both equipped with a clip ejector for an easy and safe access to the serviceable part.
 Plastic ejector recommended when working with corrosive liquid.
Easy identification
 A blue ring positioned under the thumbwheel allows to identify PIPETMAN G and to distinguish it from the Classic and Neo models.
Models & Volume Range
8 models of PIPETMAN G cover the range from 0.2 µL to 10 mL.

Pipetman G

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