FBRM G600


Optimize Crystallization, Particle and Droplet Processes:

FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) tracks the rate and degree of change to particles, particle structures and droplets as they actually exist in process – at full process concentration. Inline FBRM® measurements help chemists and engineers quickly link process variables to changes in particle dimension, shape and count, enabling faster optimization and scale-up of crystallization, particle and droplet processes.

With FBRM® Technology, users can:

• Understand how the particle or droplet system responds to changing process parameters
• Optimize particle or droplet distribution to improve process performance and product quality
• Transfer the process to manufacturing and achieve batch repeatability and process safety
FBRM® G600L can be used for sample analysis, mounted in small scale laboratory vessels (500ml - 10L) or inserted into a continuous pipeline for real-time monitoring. The pneumatic probe design of FBRM® G600L is ideal for use in classified laboratory hoods.


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