FBRM  G600ex

FBRM G600ex

FBRM® G600 Ex production instruments provide a robust design for real-time monitoring within hazardous environments. FBRM® G600 Ex production models are optimized for:

• Installation in pipelines (G600T Ex)
• Small process vessels (G600P Ex)
• Large process vessels (G600R Ex with dip pipe installation kit)

FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) provides the unique ability to measure particles and droplets inline in concentrated suspensions and emulsion without the need for sample extraction or preparation. FBRM® tracks the rate and degree of change to particles and particle structures as they actually exist in-process to help scientists and engineers quickly link particle system dynamics to process conditions, assuring optimal product quality and process efficiency - such as filtration and other downstream processes.

With FBRM® technology, users can:
• Understand how the particle system responds to changing process parameters
• Optimize particle distribution to improve process performance and product quality
• Transfer the process to achieve batch repeatability and process safety

All FBRM® G600 Ex production systems can be mounted with a removable threaded adapter flange or triclamp fitting which enables installation in a pipeline or vessel without the need for a permanent weld. Ball valve, ANSI, DN, and other installations are also available. Dip pipe adapter kits including detailed mounting/removal instruction are available.

FBRM G600ex

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