Designed as a research quality instrument the Rudolph J357 Digital, Bench-top Refractometer has the highest performance of any refractometer in the Rudolph range. This instrument offers the same extra wide RI measurement range as our chemical industry refractometer models combined with the high accuracy of our food industry refractometer models. It also offers the most powerful automatic temperature control (heating and cooling) and is able to make RI and BRIX measurements at up to 120 °C.


Operating the J357 is as simple as placing a sample on the artificial sapphire prism, closing the presser and reading the answer on the Digital Display -- all in just a few seconds. There are no shadow lines to match and there is no eyepiece requiring any kind of operator determination or manual adjustment, the J357 is a fully Automatic Refractometer.. When the "measure when stable mode" is selected, the J357 Refractometer automatically waits until the sample has been heated or cooled to a predefined temperature before initiating a measurement.

For additional information see the Rudolph Research Refractometer product line


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