Combined with new LabSolutions RF software, designed for unrivaled measurement accuracy and easy operation, the RF-6000 offers the ultimate performance for a diverse range of customers' measurement needs.

Wide Variety of Spectral Techniques:
• Enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range enable fluorescence as well as bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, and electro-luminescence measurements.
• High-speed 3D scanning enables rapid acquisition of 3D spectra.
• Spectral-Corrected Excitation and Emission spectra can be scanned.
• Fluorescence quantum yield and Fluorescence quantum efficiency measurements are available.

High Sensitivity, High Stability and High Speed
• Highest level SNR in its class: 1,000 or more (RMS) /350 or more (P-P)
• High-speed scanning of 60,000 nm/min minimizes scan time.
• 2,000 hour long life Xe lamp.
• Extended range PMT offers scan wavelength range to 900nm.

Excellent Usability
• Easy-to-use LabSolutions RF software simplifies analysis.
• Validation routines included.
• Status bar in LabSolutions RF indicates lamp and accessory status.
• Large sample compartment for all analytical needs.


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