UV 2600 /2700

UV 2600 /2700

UV VIS 2600

Expanded Wavelength range up to 1400 nm
The UV-2600 is a research grade single monochromator UV-Vis spectrophotometer in a compact design. By adopting a low stray light diffraction grating (LO-RAY-LIGH®) developed by the Shimadzu Optical Device and Laser Department, the instrument achieve the lowest stray light levels in its class and allows the analysis of samples including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples, optical materials, and photovoltaics in a wavelength range from 185 to 1400 nm in combination with the optional dual detector integrating sphere ISR-2600Plus. The new UVProbe Version 2.40 system control software has been upgraded and includes new functionality as well as the validation software as a standard.


High Absorbance level up to 8 Abs.
The double monochromator UV-VIS spectrophotometer UV-2700 has achieved the world's lowest level of stray light (0.00005% at 220nm) and highest efficiency throughput using the unique optical design. The heart of the optical system are the LO-RAY-LIGH® diffraction gratings based on Shimadzu’s new holographic exposure method and optimized etching process, which allows an ultra high absorbance level of 8 Abs. The measurement of high density samples is possible without dilution. For pharmaceutical and other applications requiring hardware validation, the UV-2600/2700 series provides integrated validation software. USP, EP and JP test requirements are supported. A wide range of accessories and software packages are available.

UV 2600 /2700

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