TBH 325

TBH 325

The TBH 325 series is the ERWEKA hardness- or combination tester series with integrated product memory for up to 20 (optional 50) products developed for those customers who require robust design, easy handling and fast validation without complying 21 CFR 11 regulations (password protected access, Audit Trail etc.).

Via the numeric membrane keypad with alpha-numeric sub-function the nominal hardness in combination with two individual plus/minus tolerances and remarks may be stored for up to 20 (optional 50) different products and recalled for testing.

Alpha-numeric information such as product name and remarks can be entered by using the alpha-numeric subfunction comparable with writing a message on a mobile phone. In addition the TBH 325 series allows to enter batch (lot) number numeric or even alpha-numeric just before the test-run has started. Those entered information will be documented on the print-out or together with the results stored at the computer.

Since the samples are inserted into the test station manually all kind and shapes of samples can be tested. Broken samples may be removed from the test station into an acrylic glass disposal container.

Optionally an AutoPosition device with two rollers turning in opposite directions can position oblong shaped samples automatically.
The TBH 325 measures the hardness of samples in a range of 3 – 500 Newton with either “Constant Speed” mode or “Constant Force” mode (switchable). The sensitivity (3 – 40 N) as well as the test-speed (0.05 – 3.00 mm/sec. or 10 – 200 N/sec.) may be adjusted. Results are displayed and printed in either Newton (N), Kilopond (KP) or Strong Cobb (SC).

The TBH 325 series is available for measurement of

• hardness  - TBH 325,
• hardness and diameter TBH 325 D,
• hardness/diameter/thickness TBH 325 TD,
• hardness/diameter/thickness/weight TBH 325 WTD.

TBH 325

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