WorkStation RXN1

WorkStation RXN1

The PhAT enabled RAMAN WORKSTATION™ provides unprecedented sampling and measurement versatility. Applications in Discovery, Reaction Optimization, Formulation Development, or QA/QC can be solved with a single instrument: the RAMAN WORKSTATION™.

The PhAT approach to Raman sampling redefines solids sampling by elimination sample irreproducibility and focusing, by measuring a large area of sample simultaneously, and by offering the benefits of non-destructive sampling using laser powers below the ANSI exposure limit for skin. The RAMAN WORKSTATION™ combines these PhAT enabling advantages with an easy to use viewing and sampling platform.

Traditional Raman microscopes allow samples as small as a micron to be analyzed, however that is often a disadvantage when presented with a mm scale heterogeneous sample or a sparsely filled well-plate. The analyst, when given these tasks, can visually try to identify particles and then analyze them. This can be very labor intensive and often unsuccessful. The analyst may map the whole area, but this can tie up valuable instrumentation for days at a time and delay results from an experiment or release of a batch for that time. The RAMAN WORKSTATION™ has been designed to provide measurements in minutes than can take hours or days on a traditional Raman microscope.

The RAMAN WORKSTATION™ includes a Class 1 enclosure and motorized sampling stage for unattended operation in laboratory settings. In addition the PhAT System probe head is removable for process development applications utilizing the benefits of fiber-optic sampling.

The ease of use and reliability of the RAMAN WORKSTATION™ is giving new potential to many application areas. Concentrate on understanding and solving your problems today with the RAMAN WORKSTATION™ from Kaiser.

WorkStation RXN1

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