Check Mate

Check Mate

CheckMate* Verification System

Thermo Scientific* CheckMate Verification System eliminates specimen misidentification and ensures result integrity in anatomical pathology Labs.
Eliminates the need for manual checks in the laboratory, pinpoints when and where specimen identification errors are made.

Provides the highest level of confidence that diagnosis is made from the right sample with proprietary software, PC and digital imager.

- Compatible with linear bar codes, two-dimensional bar codes, and OCR font on slides, cassettes, and containers
- Reduces sample misidentification in the workflow
- Replaces error-prone, manual or visual checks
- Compatible with any existing laboratory numbering system
- Data exports to all Microsoft* data software (Excel*, Access*, etc.)
- On demand data access for lab managers
- Audible and visual alerts provide immediate, positive proof that the specimens match
- Prevents AP accountability for mistakes at sample collection point
- Identifies errors when and where they occur

To Use at the Grossing Station:
- Scan the requisition or specimen container
- Scan the cassette
- Get a visual and audible indication that specimens match

To Use at the Microtome:
- Scan the cassette
- Scan the slide
- Get a visual and audible indication that specimens match

-Ordering Alerts: All systems are for 110-240V, 50/60Hz.

Check Mate

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