Yb 200-10/125 DC

Yb 200-10/125 DC

LIEKKI™ Yb1200-10/125 fibers are highly doped large mode area ytterbium fibers for medium-power fiber laser and amplifier applications. The combination of high cladding absorption and single mode core makes them ideal for compact fiber based power amplifiers.

LIEKKI™ Yb1200-10/125 fibers are available as double cladding (Yb1200-10/125DC)
and double cladding polarization maintaining (Yb1200-10/125DC-PM) fibers.

- High-brightness single mode core
- High pump absorption
- Large, low numerical aperture (NA) core
- Low nonlinear effects
- High birefringence (Yb1200-10/125DC-PM)
- Highly polarized output for frequency conversion (Yb1200-10/125DC-PM)
- Low photodarkening
- Telcom-like geometry
- Multimode combiners available (Yb1200-10/125DC)

- Medium-power amplifiers and lasers
- Pulsed and continuous wave (CW) applications
- Industrial, medical and scientific applications

Yb 200-10/125 DC

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