R/S Soft Solid Tester

R/S Soft Solid Tester

R/S Plus Soft Solids Tester:

The R/S Plus Soft Solids Tester is a controlled rate/controlled stress rotational rheometer featuring vane spindles designed to measure "lumpy" or viscoelastic materials and is ideal for characterizing gels, pastes and slurries because of its ability to preserve sample structure with the use of vane spindles. Controlled stress tests provide important information on startup flow behavior (viscoelasticity, yield stress and creep).


• Vane spindle geometry allows spindle insertion without compromising sample structure
• Easy-to-test method for materials with particulates, slurries, and stiff pastes
• Provides data that relates to viscoelastic characteristics such as yield stress, shear modulus (stiffness of material structure when intact) and creep
• Quantifies meaningful properties like wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency and texture
• Automated data analysis under PC control
• Rugged design for years of trouble-free operation in QC and R&D applications
• Can also be used with coaxial cylinders for flow curve analysis
• Optional Rheo3000 software with Soft Solids Module allows you to program the R/S Plus Soft Solids Tester and generate data such as yield point, shear modulus, creep and relaxation

R/S Soft Solid Tester

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