YR-1 Yield Stress Rheometer

YR-1 Yield Stress Rheometer

YR-1 Yield Rheometer:

Finally a Yield Test Rheometer for QC!

The YR-1 is a revolutionary, simple-to-use, low-cost alternative to complicated, full-featured laboratory rheometers.It's designed to be used right on the production floor by your technicians. Simply select a test, lower the vane spindle into the product, press GO, and the instrument displays the result in a single shear stress number for your material's yield value. It couldn't be easier!


• Low cost QC tool to enhance material characterization
• Direct readout of yield stress
• Simple to use in the QC lab or on the production floor
• Excellent repeatability
• Traditional Brookfield quality
• RTD temperature probe
• Complete with vane spindles (V72 and V73).
• Complete with EZ-Yield software featuring a simple parameter menu for set up of 10 different test programs.
• Streaming data can be viewed and test data (torque vs. time; stress vs. strain) is displayed in both tabular and graphic formats when using EZ-Yield software with PC
• Parallel printer, serial RS-232, and analog voltage outputs

YR-1 Yield Stress Rheometer

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