DH603 Hydrogen

DH603 Hydrogen

DH603 Residual and Diffusible Hydrogen Determination by Hot Extraction

Hydrogen determinations are delivered quickly and precisely with the DH603 using residual, diffusible, and total hydrogen measurements. This robust instrument determines the amount of residual hydrogen (or diffusible and residual hydrogen when equipped with the optional integrated sample piercer) present in ferrous alloys. A small footprint, external PC with user-friendly operating software, and increased instrument safety and reliability are all part of the advanced DH603 design.

• Exclusive ECLIPSE architecture—a unique design by LECO that improves reliability and serviceability
• Improved plumbing—streamlined and efficient for faster maintenance of flow path
• Accessible components—easily accessible to the operator thanks to ergonomic shells
• Fixed furnace—more robust than tilting and vibrating designs
• State-of-the-art furnace control system—allows temperature ramping from ambient to 1100°C
• Optional diffusible sampler piercer—choice of diffusible, residual/total hydrogen determination
• Gas dose calibration—allows calibration without reference materials


Variety of Sampler Options

LECO offers a variety of evacuated pin tubes and diffusible samplers for quick and easy hydrogen determination of molten metals.

DH603 Hydrogen

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