Micro Hardness Tester HMV-2

Micro Hardness Tester HMV-2

Micro Hardness Tester HMV-2 :

Outstanding performance and easy-to-use

The micro hardness tester is a piece of equipment that is indispensable to metallographic research, product quality control, and the creation of product certification materials.
For this type of work, it is important to be able to measure the hardness of small parts and metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers, metal plating layers, etc. This type of measurement must be performed on a limited small area with small damage to the area being measured, and must yield extremely reliable results.
The HMV Series hardness testers have been designed to meet these demanding conditions, providing outstanding performance with ease of use and user friendly design.

Main features :

• Automatic force changing mechanism up to 19,61 N
• Measurements according to Vickers, Knoop and Brinell (indenters are options)
• Conversion of values to various units according to ASTM E 140
• High accuracy measurements with resolution of 0,01µm
• Large touch-screen LCD for easy operation
• Automatic turret (HMV-2T)
• Windows-Direct-Function for data transfer without additional software.
• Upgradeable to semi- or fully automatically systems.

Micro Hardness Tester HMV-2

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