PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls

PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls

PhosphaCheck® Pasteurization Controls:

Advanced Instruments PhosphaCheck® Pasteurization Controls
The Advanced Instruments PhosphaCheck® Pasteurization Controls are specifically designed for use with Advanced Instruments Fluorophos® ALP Test System. PhosphaCheck Controls allow you to monitor the precision of your assay. With a set of positive, negative and normal PhosphaCheck controls, you are assured quantitative levels of ALP every time.

PhosphaCheck Controls eliminate uncertainty in the lab:

• Specifically designed to satisfy all QC and HACCP requirements
• Monitor the precision of your lab pasteurization test
• Use with NCIMS Form 2400
• Use to meet local regulatory procedure requirements

Use positive and negative controls to verify and document the performance of your Fluorophos Test system. PhosphaCheck-N® Normal Controls gives a reading in the range of pasteurized milk products. Controls prepared in-house using raw milk are difficult to manufacture consistently. PhosphaCheck products eliminate these problems.
Easy to use, PhosphaCheck products are quickly reconstituted in the bottles provided and meet all regulatory

PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls

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