TBH 525

TBH 525

The ERWEKA tablet hardness tester TBH 525 series is a combination tester for the automatic measurement of weight, thickness, width of oblong shaped samples (dependent on sample design), diameter/length and hardness of round and oblong shaped tablets.

The magazine accommodates up to 20 samples which are transported to the test stations automatically. Notwithstanding size and form of the tablet - design of the magazine guarantees that the complete tablet always lays on scale and thus the complete tablet is being weighted.

The design of the thickness measuring device ensures less possible impact to the sample by its low weight introduced (important especially for soft or flexible samples).

Testing station for width of oblongs, diameter/length and hardness is equipped with a one-of-a-kind AutoPosition Tool, comprising of 4 rollers which rotate in opposite directions. Oblong shaped samples are aligned to  measure 1st the width (if  required/ selected) and then automatically turned and positioned by 4 rotating rollers in order to precisely measure length and hardness. On completion of the test the rollers are withdrawn so the broken (or unbroken) sample falls out of the system.

The ERWEKA® Tablet Hardness Tester type TBH 525 series is available with different constructions
• tablet hardness tester - TBH 525
• tablet hardness-, width of oblongs- and diameter/length tester - TBH 525 D
• tablet hardness-, width of oblongs-, diameter/length- and thickness tester - TBH 525 TD
• tablet hardness-, width of oblongs-, diameter/length-, thickness- and weight tester - TBH 525 WTD

It is handled either via the integrated numeric membrane keypad (with alpha-numeric sub-function) and the graphical display or via CFR 21/11 MC.net Software and computer.

Basic nominal data (reference value of weight, thickness, diameter/length and hardness) for up to 50 different products incl. 2 plus/minus tolerances can be stored and used in stand-alone mode without external software. Results and statistics will be documented by either a LAN or USB printer.
Using the validated MC.net software allows storage of a nearly unlimited number of product data, storage of results and detailed statistic analysis incl. batch comparison etc.

Adjusting/calibration of hardness testing station is handled by either weights or – fast and uncomplicated – with ERWEKA® AutoCal 2.0 System.

TBH 525

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