Installed width is 20% smaller than the previous instrument due to its compact body size. The EDX-7000/8000 can accommodate samples up to a maximum size of W300 x D275 x approx. H100 mm.

High-Visibility LED Lamp

When X-rays are generated, an X-ray indicator at the rear of the instrument and an X-RAYS ON lamp at the front turn on, so that the instrument status can be monitored even from a distance

PCEDX Navi software is designed to simplify X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for beginners, while providing the feature set and capabilities demanded by more experienced users. The straightforward user interface offers intuitive operation and provides a convenient operating environment for beginners and experts alike.

Simple Screen Layout
Sample image display, analysis conditions selection, and sample name input on the same screen.

Collimator Switching from the Measurement Screen

Change the collimator diameter while observing the sample image. The selected diameter is indicated by a yellow circle.

Automatic Storage of Sample Images

The sample image is loaded automatically when the measurement starts. Sample images are saved with a link to the data file.



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