ICPE-9000 is a simultaneous ICP-OES spectrometer utilizing a vacuum type Echelle optical system in combination with a large scale CCD detector designed for stable performance over extended periods. The ICPE-9000’s innovative Mini Torch minimizes cost by reducing consumption of argon gas to half that of conventional torches.

The ICPE-9000 features easy-to-use, innovative ICPEsolution Software, which offers such features as a Method Development Assistant and a Diagnosis Assistant and easily handles automatic wavelength optimization as well as interference corrections.

High Throughput
Utilizing a large-scale 1-inch, 1 megapixel CCD detector, together with an Echelle spectrometer, provides high-speed measurement while retaining precise resolution.

Reduce your measurement times from 5 minutes or more to a few minutes
Simple data evaluation & recalculation as all element and all wavelength data are acquired during measurement

Low Running Costs

Mini Torch – The innovative mini torch reduces consumption of argon gas to half that of conventional torches without sacrificing sensitivity
Radio frequency power source tuning enables better sensitivity
Vacuum Spectrometer – The first of its kind in an ICP emission spectrometer equipped with semiconductor detectors, the vacuum spectrometer eliminates the need for high-purity purge gas

Stable Performance
The ICPE-9000 maintains stable performance – even during long-term analyses – with almost no reduction in sensitivity by utilizing these key components:

Temperature control at precisely +/- 0.1°C
Vacuum spectrometer allows for long-term stable measurements even as ambient conditions change
Minimal contamination by adopting a vertical-orientated torch (option)

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