LCMS 2020

LCMS 2020

Mass Spectrometer Systems

Delivering the ultimate in measurement speed and sensitivity, the compact LCMS-2020 mass spectrometer offers faster measurements and higher detection sensitivity for quicker and more accurate detection of trace impurities, environmental pollutants, and other contaminants. When combined with a Prominence ultra-fast LC (UFLC/UFLCXR), you’ll achieve the ultimate in separation performance and productivity.

UFswitching Technology
High-speed polarity switching between positive/negative ion modes
Measuring unknown substances requires measuring in both positive and negative ion modes. Since the positive ion/negative ion polarity switching speed of most LCMS systems is slow, ultra-fast analysis required injecting samples twice for separate measurements. UFswitching technology (patent pending) enables switching between positive and negative ion modes in 15 milliseconds so even the fastest LC peaks can be analyzed in both modes, thus increasing productivity.


UF sensitivity
Superior sensitivity, especially for ultra high-speed analysis
Innovative ion optics with the newly developed Qarray® ion optical system provide superior sensitivity, repeatability, and linearity, achieving greater sensitivity than any other single quadrupole analyzer for substances most commonly measured

UFscanning Technology
Fast scanning speeds
By adopting new technology (patent pending), a scanning speed of 15,000 u/sec is achieved without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution, even during high-speed scans.

Easy Operation/Maintenance
The ESI method typically used for LCMS can be replaced with APCI, which is suitable for less polar compounds, or with a dual ionization source (DUIS) for simultaneous operation of both ionization modes, quickly and without tools. Selection of the DUIS ionization mode (ESI or APCI) can be performed via the computer. In addition, the desolvation line, where the ions enter the MS unit, can be replaced without breaking the vacuum.


LCMS 2020

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