GC 2014

GC 2014

High performance for a good price-performance ratio

Get the high performance of the GC-2010 now also for your routine work. Based on the successful design of the GC-2010 the GC-2014 gives best results for routine analysis for a good price-performance ratio. Whether you work with packed or capillary columns, the digital flow control of

the GC-2014 delivers excellent reproducibilities.
Detection systems offered for the GC-2014 range from the universal FID and TCD to specific detectors like ECD, FTD (also called NPD) and FPD. The large integrated screen on the GC-2014 shows all analysis parameters as well as the chromatogram. The self diagnosis functions of the GC-2014 maximise the uptime of the GC and provide documentation for system validation.
With its small foot print the GC-2014 fits in every lab.
Control of the GC-2014 as well as data processing is performed by the Shimadzu GCsolution software, part of the LabSolutions family for chromatography.

GC 2014

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