SALD 7101

SALD 7101

The Sald-7101 is a great tool for research and development in nanotechnology and life sciences.
Due to its comprehensive technology it is possible to get a final result in just one second. This makes it interesting in all kind of quick changing solutions, agglomeration control or chemical reactions. The SALD 7101 is designed for various measurement applications with easy operations, such as wet measurements, high concentration sample measurements and micro bubble measurements, too.

In the SALD7101 a UV laser beam with a wavelength of 375nm is emitted from the light source, converted into a thick beam with a collimator and directed at the particle group. The group emits scattered light and forms a concentric scattering image at the detection plane. The special shaped wind sensor detects scattering angles up to 60°.

Measurement principle: Laser diffraction (Mie solution, Fraunhofer approximation)
Measurement range: 10nm – 300 µm

Seamless measurements
Multifaceted analyses and evaluations
Measure concentrations from several ppm to 20%
Optional accessories for a wide variety of applications
Calibration not required
A single light source, a single optical system and a single measurement theory of laser diffraction method can realize the perfect seamless and wide measuring range. There are no discontinuous points over the measuring range. Changes of particle size distribution can be monitored in real-time, because no switch of light sources can realize the short measurement time of 1 second.


Sampler units for wet measurements
With the sampler unit SALD-MS71 it´s possible to measure dispersed particles in the liquid.
SUS and fluororesins are used in the circulation passageways of Sampler Unit SALD-MS71 (optional), so that many organic solvents can be used. Also, when measurement with a small amount of organic solvent is desired, the batch cell SALD-BC71 can be selected.

High Concentrated Samples:

The high concentration kit HC-71 allows measurements of high concentrated samples by simply dispersing the high-concentrated sample between two glass slides. This shortens the length of the light path, avoids the negative effects of multiple scattering.

SALD 7101

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