Accurate monitoring of ground meat production

Profoss™ for meat is an inline process analysis solution employing High Resolution technology for accurate monitoring of your ground meat production process.

The ProFoss™ analyser is available with dedicated interfaces based on reflectance or transmittance technology whichever is best suited for each application area.

Measurements are done directly on the moving sample in the process stream. A high-intensity dual-lamp light source illuminates the sample directly or through an optical fiber. The light interacts with the sample and the reflected or transmitted light is measured by the diode array sensor.

The backup lamp in the dual lamp system secures uptime and analytical accuracy is unchanged even after switching to a new lamp.
The complete wavelength range is measured instantaneously enabling measurements also on fast moving samples with high accuracy. Calibrations are transferable between units ensuring easy expansion to other measurement points. Integration to process regulations systems can be done through the FOSS OPC interface.


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