Fossomatic FC

Fossomatic FC

Effective herd improvement:

Fossomatic™ FC performs accurate milk analysis using somatic cell counting. It is a high-capacity analyzer that meets the demands of farmers in need of fast and reliable Dairy Herd Improvement, (DHI) results. It is also available as part of CombiFoss™ FT+.

Accurate and immediate results:

Fossomatic™ FC is based on flowcytometry technology that counts and characterizes particles and cells. It can be directly translated as the measurement of cells while they are flowing.

Proven platform:

Fossomatic FC includes the best of proven technology such as:
Closed reagent handling
Effective waste handling
Accurate measurements based on FOSS Flow Cytometry
High-precision at grading limits using precision set-up

Advanced technology:

To match the increasing demands of the modern laboratory Fossomatic FC includes advanced features such as:
Robust pressurized pump system for sheath liquid
Heating of rinse liquid
Temperature-controlled liquids to optimize staining and cleaning
Software platform (FOSS Integrator IMT) for ease of use, result-handling and traceability

Fossomatic FC

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