Rudolph Research Analytical, working together with refractometer users from the polymer, petroleum - petrochemical, , pharmaceutical and essential oil industries, has developed the J257 Wide Range Automatic Refractometer. The J257 is a Digital, Bench-top Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and heating with an extended refractive index (RI) measurement range.


Rudolph Research’s J257 is designed as a multi purpose refractometer for a broad range of (RI) refractive index measurement applications. The wide refractive index range of 1.26-1.70 means that this instrument can measure many materials that a refractometer with only a food refractive index range of 1.33-1.53 cannot.


Operating the Rudolph J257 is as simple as placing a sample on the prism, closing the cover and reading the digitally displayed result — all in just a few seconds. Being fully automatic there there are no shadow lines to match and there is no eyepiece requiring any kind of operator determination or manual adjustment. When the "measure when stable" mode is selected, the J257 automatically waits until the sample has been heated or cooled to a predefined temperature before initiating a measurement.

For additional information see the Rudolph Research Refractometer product line


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