Sound Level Meter 2250 Light

2250 Light has been developed specifically for measuring occupational, environmental, and product noise, while complying fully with all the
relevant national and international standards.

Extensive user studies paired with state-of the-art technology make this analyzer a robust, effective and elegant tool. Using the large, high contrast, touch screen interface, the analyzer can easily be set up to display and measure just what is needed from the extensive list of parameters provided by the analyzer.

2250 Light comes with Sound Level Meter Software installed, measuring all parameters simultaneously within its wide 120 dB dynamic range. For frequency analysis, add the 1/1- and/or 1/3-octave software module. F

For time profile investigation, add the Logging software module. The optional software modules install easily and work seamlessly with the Sound Level Meter Software.

Back in the office, USB connectivity lets you use your PC to archive, manage, view or even control 2250 Light, as well as export your results to software packages such as Microsoft®Excel and Brüel & Kjær Types 7815, 7820 or 7825 for post-processing and reporting.
2250 Light can be upgraded to a Type 2250 Hand-held Analyzer, to include more features and applications such as advanced logging, sound recording, or reverberation time.


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