4374 - Miniature piezoelectric charge accelerometer, side connector, integral cable

Type 4374 is a piezoelectric, Planar Shear accelerometer. The integrated side cable terminates with a 10 – 32 UNF connector. Type 4374 is mounted on the object adhesively.

• High-level, high-frequency measurements
• Measurements in confined spaces
• Measurements on delicate structures
• Vibration testing and analysis

This piezoelectric accelerometer may be treated as a charge source. Its sensitivity is expressed in terms of charge per unit acceleration (pC/g).

In the Planar Shear design, the piezoelectric element undergoes shear deformation as in the DeltaShear® design. Two rectangular slices of piezoelectric material are arranged on each side of a rectangular centre post.

Two masses are held in position using a high tensile strength clamping ring. The ring prestresses the piezoelectric elements to give a high degree of linearity. The charge is collected between the housing and the clamping ring.

The piezoelectric element used in Type 4374 and Type 4734-S is PZ 27. Type 4734-L is PZ 23. The housing material is titanium.


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