The CM-2600d portable spectrophotometer has become the instrument of choice for thousands of users world-wide due to its ergonomic and intuitive design, and unprecedented ease of use.

Single handed operation, the exclusive "Navigation wheel", the unique sample observation device and the large data information display, combined with world's “first" technology in simultaneous numerical gloss control and numerical UV control are the main highlight features of this portable spectrophotometer.
Whoever uses a portable spectrophotometer in production wants to use it intuitively and easily, regardless of it's features and capabilities.

This is why Konica Minolta has focused their efforts in developing an instrument which has set new standards in ergonomic and intuitive design and thus ease of use and user interactivity. The result is a sleek and lightweight body with horizontal alignment that allows perfect operation especially for flat samples. The first thing you will notice is the large display and total absence of numerous operation buttons found on traditional instruments. In fact there are only two of them: the unique "Navigation wheel" which allows easy navigation through the operation menu - as easy as using a computer mouse - and the measurement button to perform measurements.


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