Cytospin 4

Cytospin 4

CytoSpin* 4 Cytocentrifuge

The Thermo Scientific* Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge is the ultimate thin-layer cell preparation system.
Synonymous with cytocentrifugation for over 40 years, this reliable instrument is used in more than 15,000 laboratories worldwide. It provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluids and urines

- Processes 12 specimens at one time
- Accepts all protocols from Cytospin 1, 2, and 3
- Redesigned lid-release mechanism allows for one-handed opening and closing
- Only operates when the lid is locked into position and lid remains locked during rotation
- Polycarbonate window allows the operator to see the sealed head during cytocentrifugation
- Accidental fluid spillage will not damage the mechanical or electronic components
- Designed for easy disinfection
- Meets stringent IEC 61010 standards for centrifuge safety
- Pull-out program card allows for up to nine programs to be logged for fast and convenient retrieval

Safe and Reliable
- Protects the operator before, during, and after sample preparation
- Ultimate safety procedures allow loading of the sealed head in a microbiological cabinet
- Auto-locking, plastic outer lid
- Disposable sample chambers with caps
- Safety alarms protect users and specimens
- Wipe-clean control panel

Simple Principle for Excellent Presentation
- Using centrifugal principles, the cytocentrifuge deposits cells onto a clearly defined area of a glass slide and allows for the absorption of the residual fluid into the sample chamber's filter card
- Cytocentrifugation also constructively flattens cells for excellent nuclear presentation
- During operation, the instrument's spinning action tilts the Shandon* Cytofunnels* upright and centrifuges cells onto the deposition area of the slide, giving all cell types equal opportunity for presentation
- In the Load or Stop position, this unique tilting feature reduces cell loss by preventing residual fluid from coming into contact with the prepared slide

Cytospin 4

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