Pathcentre* Tissue Processor
Thermo Scientific* Pathcentre Tissue Processor is designed to meet the versatility demands of research laboratory processing.

Pathcentre is a high-volume, totally enclosed tissue processor that allows complete user control and excellent continuous reagent agitation. It is the only enclosed tissue processor capable of handling acetone and chloroform. Practical design provides a 306-cassette capacity basket plus the ability to add up to three extra processing modules for high-throughput laboratories. Designed to allow flexible, real-time programming; stores nine processing programs for each module.

- Back-lit LCD monitor that can display commands in multiple languages with full on-screen prompt graphics
- Selectable processing parameters including heat, vacuum/pressure, immersion time, drain time, and agitation
- A built-in clock that enables selection of immediate-start or delayed-start functions in any reagent position for overnight, weekend, and holiday periods
- Independent, selectable cleaning cycles—either standard flush or extended flush
- Wide reagent compatibility including acetone and chloroform

- Gentle counter-stir agitation and tidal flow system combine to promote maximum fluid penetration through baskets and cassettes
- Circular reaction chamber optimizes temperature uniformity and enhances continuous agitation
- Four wax baths provide excellent specimen infiltration
- Glass reaction chamber lid allows visual inspection of processing
- Sealed reaction chamber lid is easily opened with one hand
- Plug-in reagent bottles have color-coded labels and are engineered for ease of use

- “Closed Loop System” ensures that fumes stay within system and do not escape into lab
- Multilevel pass-code security protects instrument from unauthorized access
- Automatic underfill recovery system protects specimens by automatically rerouting reagents and completing processing
- Water rinse option can be selected at the end of cleaning flush cycle
- Audible and remote alarm signals are standard; offers automatic alerts when it is time for routine maintenance and service or to change reagents


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