Manual Staining Station

Manual Staining Station

Manual Staining Station:

Thermo Scientific* Manual Staining Station is ideal for unique staining needs, frozen sections, or special stains.

Uses the same staining troughs and slide baskets as the Varistain* Gemini stainer. Best when used for low-volume procedures.

 Sturdy cover closes over troughs to minimize evaporation
 Baskets are designed to lock slides into position even when turned upside down
 Slide baskets hold 20 standard microscope slides
 Troughs hold 11 fl. oz. (320mL) of reagent


Kit includes a steel support rack, a complete set of 14 staining troughs (320mL, No. A78010487), and five slide baskets with carriers (No. A78010466).

Manual Staining Station

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