Shandon Linistat™ Random Access Stainer

Compact answer to H&E frozen section protocols

The Linistat has the necessary features of larger stainers: 14 staining stations,
running water and a 13-slide capacity collection tank.

  • The Linistat is only 64 cm
long a compact answer to H&E frozen section protocols.
• Staining time is under five minutes.

• For situations that require handstaining, the technician may dip through the
stations eliminating the need to set up separate staining dishes.

• Shandon color coded slide clips correspond to the colored slides and colored frozen
section embedding media, Cryochrome™.

• Fits on top of Shandon Cryotome® Cryostat.

(D x W x H): 16 x 64 x 27cm


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