Stain Mate

Stain Mate

StainMate* Modular Linear Batch Stainers:

Thermo Scientific* linear batch staining machines are user programmable and designed so they can pass racks to another staining module, additional dish/bath or drying unit.
Multidiscipline systems are available in MINI or MAX models. The MINI range (38mL dish/bath capacity) is ideal for expensive staining techniques and special staining procedures. The MAX, with a slide capacity of 30 (200mL dish/bath capacity) is ideal for larger batch sizes.

  • Portable units operate on 12V power supply
  • Small footprint uses minimal bench space
  • Dish/baths feature individual timing and selectable running water plus in-dish and over-dish/bath agitation
Versatile, Expandable
  • Racks can be programmed to return to a given dish/bath, reducing the overall number of dishes/baths required
  • Easily controlled by handheld controller
  • Optional dryer modules and fume hoods also available

Physical Specifications:
  • Dimensions (W x D x H), with slide rack arm, MINI 10: 53.3 x 14.7 x 27cm; MAX 10: 53.3 x 23.9 x 27cm
  • Power Requirements: 115-230V 50/60Hz AC 250W
  • Weight, MINI 10: 6.25kg; MAX 10: 8.3kg
StainMate MINI:

Suitable for use with rapid Giemsa and rapid Papanicolaou stains

StainMate MAX:

Suitable for staining larger Mega and Super slides routinely used for the diagnosis of neuropathology or prostate cases
Ordering Alerts:

Accessories for StainMate Max 10 Batch Stainer include: Addtional dish/bath; Water dish/bath; Lid; Drying module; External dish/bath; Additional Rack for up to 20 slides; Additional Rack for up to 30 slides; Rack adapter; Fume hood; Pinth with drawer; Lid; Bath dish for Belair model; Bath dish for Belair model with bath
Recommended for:

Suitable for in-clinic staining, remote from the laboratory
Can also be used in non-gyne clinics for conducting breast or head and neck fine needle aspirates (FNAs)

Stain Mate

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