HistoStar* Embedding Workstation

Thermo Scientific* HistoStar is the ideal solution for the embedding of routine tissue samples into paraffin blocks for microtome sectioning.
Today's embedding centers can be uncomfortable, hot, or poorly illuminated leading to fatigue and potential errors. The new Thermo Scientific HistoStar Embedding Workstation allows users to embed comfortably and efficiently.
With brightly illuminated work surfaces, cool and contoured arm rests and high throughput capacity, this workstation delivers significant improvements in ergonomics and efficiency.

Brightly illuminated and clutter free

LED lighting uniformly illuminates the workspace without the clutter of awkward remote lamps
- A properly illuminated workspace reduces fatigue and minimizes errors
- Lighting intensity is easily user adjustable

Cool and contoured
- All user contact points are smooth and insulated, providing a cool and comfortable workspace
- Pressure points and uncomfortable heat are eliminated
-High capacity for high efficiency-
The capacity of the HistoStar can keep up with even the busiest laboratories
- Capacity will never limit your workflow with 5 liter paraffin capacity, coldplate area for 72 base molds, large heated workspace and specimen holding area

Any sample size handled with ease
- The HistoStar offers the first adjustable paraffin dispense paddle
- A simple adjustment moves the paddle to the most ergonomic position for the user
- Even Super Mega Cassettes can be embedded with ease

Integrated ParaTrimmer
- The HistoStar is the only workstation with a heated wax trimmer built directly into the workspace
- Excess paraffin can be removed at the embedding station, eliminating the need for additional equipment or wax scrapping at the microtome

Intuitive User Interface
- Large, easy-to-read touchscreen display allows quick access to the temperature controls and other parameters
- Programmable asleep mode saves energy around your workflow

Dependable Performance
- The robust HistoStar design minimizes moving parts, reducing wear and service requirements
- Ensures dependable performance for years to come


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