Dynamic Ultra hardness Tester DUH-211/S :

Your perfect solution for thin films, coatings and elastic materials !

Based on our experience with hardness evaluation technology for the micro range, we have taken your quest for greater precision and ease of use to the next level. Our hardness tester can measure the strength properties of material surfaces and microscopic materials using new evaluation methods specified in ISO standards. Perform evaluation using the hardness and materials parameters specified in ISO 14577-1.
Thereby DUH is especially developed for precise measurements of thin films, coatings, fibers, plastics, rubbers and elastomers as well as microscopic electronic materials and metallic materials.

Main features :

• Ultra-wide test force range from 0,1 mN to 1961 mN
• Low test force with measurement resolution of 0,196 µN
• Supports measurements according to Vickers and Knoop
• High precise measurements of indentation depth of 0,0001 µm.
• Measurements according to ISO 14577-1 Annex A
• New developed Software combines easy operability and high-level data processing functiond
• Various holder available


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