Controller 4890

Controller 4890

High-Performance Controller Designed for Ultimate Operator Ease

The 4890 32-bit digital controller incorporates a high-speed DSP, high-resolution A/D converter and high-performance processor. Its features include 2-degree-of-freedom PID control, auto-tuning and realtime gain adjustment developed especially for testing systems. The combination of these features both heighten control precision and dramatically improve ease of use compared with existing controller models. A variety of tests can be easily performed by using the Windows-based GLUON software which offers comprehensive customization wizards.


• 2-degree-of-freedom high-precision/high-response control
• Auto-tuning and realtime gain adjustment functions
• Acquisition of high-resolution (20-bit) sampling data simultaneously on 8 channels
• Virtual transducer-based logical operation control
• Automatic sensor recognition and calibration
• Highly accurate measurement control based on rangeless transducer and linearized sensor output
• Easy-to-use Windows-based GLUON software
• Mail notification function

Controller 4890

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