Controller 4830

Controller 4830

Easy-to-use and Multi-functional! The Next Generation of Controller

The 4830 has been developed as a controller for servo control type test devices to have the ultimate in advanced performance and operator ease. A single controller unit allows a variety of tests from testing of static properties through to testing of endurance and dynamic characteristics, and has all functions and performance required of a controller for testing machines for actual objects and structures in addition to materials.


• Waveform Generation with Excellent Reproducibility
Full digital control with control parameter auto-tuning and waveform distortion correction functions*1 achieves faithful load waveform reproducibility.
• Simultaneous Testing on 4 Units Max.
Synchronous connection of controllers enables synchronous control of up to four testing machines (actuators). The controller also is equipped with a phase correction function that allows the phase difference between feedback signals to be controlled to a fixed level.
• Test Force Control on Specimens with "Play"
Stable peak-value control is achieved using the test force, even for specimens with "play" (where no test force is applied).
• World-Class Basic Performance
24-bit high-resolution A/D converter and detector output linearization function achieve ±0.5 % accuracy of indicated values on a standard system. *2
• Simple Operation
The graphic user interface (GUI) using color LCD monitor and touch panel, and dedicated function keys allow operations to be conducted quickly and interactively. This means that even first-time users can perform operations with ease in a short time.
• Waveform Display Functions
Test waveform display functions installed as standard allow the realtime display of time graphs and X-Y graphs, and digital reading of numerical values on graphs.
• USB Interface
Connection to a PC via the USB interface allows controller functions to be considerably enhanced. (Dedicated software is optional.)

Controller 4830

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