The Shimadzu micro compression testers MCT Series evaluate the strength of micro components, micro particles generated in powder processing and fine fibers used in new materials.

Types of Testable Materials:

• Ceramic particle
• Fine metallic powder
• Resin particles
• Pigments
• Food source powders
• Pharmaceuticals (micro-capsules)
• Fine fibers


Available Test Modes

• Compression Testing: Force increases until either the sample ruptures or a preset load is achieved
• Load-Unload Testing: Force is increased to a preset max load point and then reduced to a preset minimum load point. By measuring the difference in displacement between the maximum and minimum point, the recovery rate percentage of the sample is calculable.
• Cyclic Testing: Test force is repeatedly increased and decreased up to 250 times to evaluate specimen fatigue properties.

A Design with Simplicity in Mind

Micrometer (Optical Head):

The micrometer optical viewing head measures the size of the specimen, which is sandwiched by two indicators to enable measurement up to 200µm at an increment of 0.1µm (with a x5O objective lens).

Objective Lenses:

The standard x50 and optional x100 lenses are used in conjunction with the micrometer optical head to provide length measurements.

Sliding Stage:

A test point is selected with the micrometer optical head and that point is then shifted to just below the indenter. The click-stop mechanism ensures accurate positioning of the specimen. The positioning accuracy of the unit is within ±5µm (±0.2µm can be achieved with careful handling).

Vertical Stage Shift Handle:

The stage shifts smoothly using a single handle

Loading Unit:

The test force range is from 9.8 to 4900mN or 1960mN. The electromagnetic method employed in the unit ensures high precision loading.

Instrument Status Indication Lamps:

A lit red lamp (RUNNING) indicates the instrument is loading and should not be adjusted by the operator while a green lamp (READY) indicates that the operator can safely operate the indenter.

Compression Displacement Detector:

The measurement detector provides dynamic compression displacement readings with a resolution as low as 0.001µm.


The following indenters are available:
• 50µm diameter flat indenter (standard)
• 500µm diameter flat indenter (optional)
• 115° triangular pyramid indenter (optional) (The triangular pyramid indenter is used for tests where the specimen is larger than 500µm and cannot be broken at a test load of 4900mN.)


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