Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine UH-Series :

If task becomes "stronger"

As global environmental problems become more and more serious, materials are required to provide light weight, high strength and reliability. The UH Series Shimadzu Universal Testing Machines are new universal testing machines that provide various functions enabling more accurate and simplified measurement of the strength required for various materials.
For such tasks Shimadzu UH-series is equipped with a high rigid, four-column frame.
A large touch-screen panel or an optional PC-controlled Software allows high-sophisticated tests.

Main features :

• Measurement capacities up to 4000 kN (standard).
• Up to 32000 kN on demand
• Easy-to-operate front-opening hydraulic grips (only UH-FI)
• Compression plates can be assembled and disassembled without tools
• Specimen grip positioning index provides comfortable work.
• Large touch-screen LCD
• Automatic detection of specimen breakdown point
• Perform testing without a PC
• Latest software technologies grants comfortable work and long-term support (option)
• Highly flexible data report (option)


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