EZ-Test S / L

EZ-Test S / L

Table-Top Universal Testing Machine EZ-Test :

Enhanced Testing Functionality

Shimadzu´s famous compact table-top universal testing machine EZ-test was designed to perform the full range of wide variety of testing.

Tensile, compression and bending tests can be performed in the same way like shear, peeling, mastication or penetration tests. Therefore various measurement jigs, thermostatic chambers and extensometers are available as an option.

The EZ-Test can be operated as a stand-alone model or PC-controlled via the latest software technology Trapezium-X.

Main features :

• Various load cells from 1 N up to 5 kN are available
• Long-stroke model with 920 mm travel distance can be combined with thermostatic chamber and automatic extensomer (only EZ-Test L).
• Simple and intuitive operation panel
• Easy setting of parameters
• Fine positioning of the crosshead
• Up to 1000 mm test speed
• Perform testing without a PC
• Latest software technologies grants comfortable work and long-term support (option)
• Spring software and rheometer software available (option)

EZ-Test S / L

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