Polishing Consumables

Polishing Consumables

To remove deformations from fine grinding and obtain a surface that is highly reflective, the specimens must be polished before they can be examined under the microscope.

Polishing is carried out on cloths of differing resilience with different abrasives. Two processes are available: Diamond Polishing and Oxide Polishing.

Diamond Polishing:

To achieve efficient material removal and to cut consistently through all materials and phases, the hardest known abrasive is used - diamond. Diamonds are available in grain sizes ranging from ¼ to 45 µm. For further details please see Diamond Products.

A variety of cloths for fine grinding, diamond polishing and oxide polishing are available for both magnetic and adhesive fixation.

Struers polishing cloths are made of carefully selected materials. Extensive tests have led to the development of the market's best polishing cloths in terms of preparation quality and durability. Each cloth consists of a number of separate layers: the most important part is the actual fine grinding/polishing surface. A variety of woven, non-woven, and napped cloths are used, depending on their properties with respect to abrasive grain retention and texture. In each case the cloth surface is selected with a view to achieving the best performance and the longest lifetime.

Struers polishing cloths are available in two versions: MD-Cloths and DP/OP-Cloths. The MD-Cloths are equipped with a magnetic backing and are used on an MD-Disc. The DP/OP-Cloths are equipped with an adhesive backing to be adhered on an aluminum disc. The working surfaces of both versions of polishing cloths are identical.


DiaPro is a line of diamond suspensions, specially developed for extra-high performance with Struers grinding and polishing surfaces, which improves your efficiency significantly. Each DiaPro suspension has been developed and optimised for a specific surface, and the results are outstanding. Preparation times are reduced by 30% on average. At the same time, DiaPro delivers outstanding planeness, edge retention and reproducibility.  


Suspension is the most versatile form because it can be used in fully automatic dosing systems as well as manually. Automatic preparation including automatic dosing of diamond suspension is the best way to achieve excellent preparation results with optimal reproducibility. Struers DP-Suspensions are stable and retain their properties from the beginning of the preparation to the very end. They offer very good material
removal and do not settle or clog the dosing system. They are environmentally friendly as they do not contain alcohol, except DP-Suspension, A which is for the preparation of water sensitive materials 

DP-Spray is also a very good solution because its carrier evaporates quickly, allowing the diamonds to provide an aggressive cutting action and a fast material removal. DP-Spray uses nitrogen as propellant, which significantly reduces environmental impact as nitrogen is produced from atmospheric air.

DP-Paste is the pioneer of diamond products - a mixture of diamonds in a soft wax which is easily worked into the cloth.


Cooling and lubricating liquids for fine grinding and diamond polishing.  

Polishing Consumables

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