Struers advances the technology of grinding and polishing with the introduction of the MD-SystemTM.

The MD (Magnetic Disc) System is simply a better way to grind and polish specimens. This exciting new technology allows for fewer steps, reduced preparation time and costs, produces better quality specimens... and makes your job easier!

Reduced Preparation Time:

Grinding is reduced to a maximum of two steps shortening the preparation process immensely.

Long Lifetime:

MD Grinding Discs all have a long lifetime and one disc can replace about 100 sheets of SiC-Paper.

Low Maintenance:

MD Grinding Discs need practically no maintenance and are easy to use.

High, Consistent Material Removal:

A newly designed bond formula ensures that there is no build-up of abraded material and results in consistent material removal.

Maximum Flatness:

The cutting action is equally efficient on both hard and soft materials/phases resulting in absolutely plane specimens with no relief between different phases. Also, edge rounding at the interface between resin and sample material is completely eliminated.

Optimum Planeness:

A uniform material removal from both hard and soft phases ensures that there will be no smearing of soft phases or chipping of brittle phases.

Short Grinding Times:

MD Grinding Discs guarantee a high removal rate and short grinding times.
The MD-System is a comprehensive line of grinding discs and polishing cloths with metallic backings available in 200 mm / 8-inch, 250 mm / 10-inch and 300 mm /12-inch diameters.

A single magnetic platen, positioned on the grinding and polishing machine throughout the preparation process, is used to support the new preparation surfaces. In addition to cost and time savings, the new method eliminates the storage, handling complications and disposal of SiC papers.

The grinding discs in the MD-System makes it possible to reduce the typical grinding process involving SiC-Paper to just two steps, and cut total preparation time. The preparation quality is tremendously improved compared to SiC-Paper. Thus, the grinding discs in the MD-System are superior to SiC-Paper regarding both pre-performances.

Because the specimens are totally flat after the first grinding step on MD-Piano, the time on the following fine grinding step on MD-Allegro can be reduced by about 50%.

The succeeding polishing steps can also be carried out in a shorter time because of the outstanding planeness achieved in the fine grinding step.


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