ReactIR Flow Cell

ReactIR Flow Cell

Analyze Continuous Flow Chemistry in Real-Time:

FlowIR™ is a dedicated Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) instrument for real-time monitoring of continuous flow chemistry. FlowIR™ is extremely small making it possible to place anywhere within the continuous reactor setup. With no special connections required, FlowIR™ can be seamlessly integrated into all flow chemistry synthesis systems, both commercially available and home-built.

Being able to monitor continuous flow chemistry while in operation allows for the:

• Detection of dispersion and diffusion effects, making it possible to stoichiometrically add additional reagent streams, minimizing the amount of expensive materials used
• Adjustment in real time of reactant flow rates, enabling steady state conditions to be reached faster
• Rapid screening of reaction conditions, leading to faster process optimization

Use of multiple FlowIR™ instruments allows for the optimization of syntheses that involve multiple steps.

ReactIR Flow Cell

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