Industrial Microscopes
  • SMZ 745/745T

    SMZ 745/745T

    A new stereomicroscope offering powerful imaging capabilities at an economical p...

  • SMZ800N


    New stereomicroscope offers improved work efficiency with evolved operations

  • SMZ1270/1270i


    All-new stereomicroscope delivering incredible image sharpness throughout a w...

  • ShuttlePix


    Introducing ShuttlePix. Digital. Powerful. And best of all, portable.

  • MA 100

    MA 100

    The MA100 is a new compact inverted microscope designed for the routine observat...

  • MA 200

    MA 200

    The Eclipse MA200 is an inverted materials microscope with an innovative design...

  • Eclipse L300

    Eclipse L300

    The L300N/L300ND features powerful epi-fluorescence observation capabilities, wi...

  • Eclipse L200

    Eclipse L200

    Offers 200mm wafer and mask inspection capabilities for reflected light illumina...

  • eclipse L100D/150

    eclipse L100D/150

    The modular design of the Eclipse LV series allows an unprecedented level of ver...

  • AZ100


    The MULTIZOOM AZ100 multi-purpose zoom microscope combines the advantages of a s...

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