Slide Stainers & Cover Slippers
  • Gemini AS

    Gemini AS

    The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabili...

  • Varistain 24-4

    Varistain 24-4

    Thermo Scientific* Varistain 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer is designed for single...

  • Clearvue


    Thermo Scientific* ClearVue Coverslipper delivers speed and accuracy to complete...

  • Stain Mate

    Stain Mate

    Thermo Scientific* linear batch staining machines are user programmable and desi...

  • Linistat


    Shandon Linistat™ Random Access Stainer

  • Manual Staining Station

    Manual Staining Station

    Thermo Scientific* Manual Staining Station is ideal for unique staining needs, f...

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