Wet Chemistry Food/Feed
  • KN 295 Knifetec™

    KN 295 Knifetec™

    Laboratory sample mill for preparation of high fat, high moisture and fibrous sa...

  •  CCT 293 Cyclotec™ Sample Mill

    CCT 293 Cyclotec™ Sample Mill

    The CT 293 Cyclotec™ laboratory mill is ideal for rapid and flexible prepa...

  • CM 290 Cemotec™

    CM 290 Cemotec™

    The CM 290 Cemotec™ laboratory grinder is ideal for preparation of grain a...

  • HM 294 and 297 Homogenisers

    HM 294 and 297 Homogenisers

    Homogenising food and feed samples

  • Fibertec™ 8000

    Fibertec™ 8000

    Fibertec™ systems are a range of fibre determination instruments that meet...

  • Fibertec™ 1023

    Fibertec™ 1023

    The Fibertec™ 1023 is designed for rapid determination of dietary fibre...

  • FT 122 Fibertec™

    FT 122 Fibertec™

    The FT 122 Fibertec™ is a manual fibre determination system for simple det...

  • Soxtec™ 8000

    Soxtec™ 8000

    First fully automated Soxhlet for fast and safe crude and total fat analysis

  • Hydrotec™ 8000

    Hydrotec™ 8000

    Fully automated hydrolysis system with up to 12 positions

  • ST 243 Soxtec™

    ST 243 Soxtec™

    Manual extraction system with six positions and batch handling tools

  • ST 255 Soxtec™

    ST 255 Soxtec™

    Semi automated, six position solvent extraction system for crude and total fat a...

  • Kjeltec™ 8100

    Kjeltec™ 8100

    Semi-automated distillation unit following the official Kjeldahl method

  • Kjeltec™ 8200

    Kjeltec™ 8200

    The Kjeltec™ 8200 Auto Distillation unit is the ultimate solution for safe...

  • Kjeltec™ 8400

    Kjeltec™ 8400

    Cooling water flow is controlled automatically and a temperature sensor stops th...

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